Whether your automobile breaks down or you’re involved in an accident, you may ask yourself “what should I do while waiting on a cheap towing service near me“. As stressful as the situation is, remaining safe until the tow truck shows up should to be a top priority. JR’s Service and Recovery points out the top 5 mistakes to avoid while waiting on roadside assistance in Indianapolis, IN.

5 Mistakes Motorist Make When Experiencing an Automobile Accident or Breakdown

Below is a list of things to avoid if your vehicle has become inoperable, especially on the highway, or any busy intersection area. It is critical to remember that your safety and the safety of your passengers are a top priority. Stay calm and use extreme precaution when entering and exiting the vehicle. It is best to carry a small emergency bag at all times with you in the vehicle. Flares, orange reflective cones, first aid bag, battery charger, extra blankets are a few items you might keep in your emergency auto accident kit. See 10 Things All Automobile Emergency Kits Should Have to learn more.

1. Not Alerting other Motorist

It is very important to signal other motorists that there is an issue. Immediately turn on your hazard lights so other motorist can see that your vehicle is broken down, especially at night and/or in nasty weather. This will help prevent additional risks of damage to you, your passengers, and your vehicle. Keep the hazard lights on until the tow truck company arrives on location. It’s also a trusty idea to keep orange reflective cones in your automobile to make sure everyone sees you are experiencing a problem and to prevent a collision.

2. Leaving the Scene of an Accident

In the event of an automobile accident, even if the towing service arrives before police or other authorities, stay with your vehicle. Make sure all details of the event are provided and that phone numbers and insurance coverage details are exchanged. If you need to leave for any reason, let the authorities know and wait for instructions from them. Never leave the scene of an accident before the authorities have arrived or they give you the okay to leave.



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3. Exiting the Vehicle in Heavy Traffic

Especially true for highway accidents and busy intersection vehicle problems, remain inside the vehicle until help arrives and let anyone, who approaches your vehicle, know that you already have a tow truck service en route. The only time you should leave the vehicle is if you think there is a potential fire threat. In that case, you might exit the vehicle using extreme caution but stay within sight while waiting for the authorities and/or towing service.

4. Calling a Non-reputable Cheap Towing Service

When picking a tow truck company to help you, make certain it is a reputable company by quickly looking over their reviews when searching. Avoid picking a random company that has no reviews, that can result in hold-ups, improper handling of your vehicle, no-shows, and other trouble.

5. Forgetting to Remove Personal Items

Never leave your valuables in the vehicle. Take your wallet, cell phone, and essential documents like insurance coverage and registration. Your automobile will probably end up at a repair garage. Not only is it best to keep these valuables on your person, but you will also need them to take care of business afterwards. Having the proper documentations to present to authorities may help speed up formalities and speed up the towing process as well.

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