Sometimes when a car is having recurring mechanical problems that keep it from running, you are better off just scrapping the vehicle entirely. A junk car in Indianapolis still has value. Whether there are broken axles, a damaged body, engine problems, or all of the above, there is still value in the scrap materials of junk car. If you need junk car removal done, call us at 317-629-5646 today!

Remove Your Junk Car

So how do you get rid of it if you can’t even drive it? Simply turn to the professionals at our cash for junk cars Indianapolis towing company. We are familiar with the junkyards throughout the areas, so we know where to bring your vehicle to get you the most value from the scrap it. Our Indianapolis, IN towing services make it simple for you to remove your rusted old car and is the most convenient solution for removing junk cars.

Sell Junk Cars Indianapolis?


Call an Indianapolis Junk Car Towing Company

Your vehicle does not need to be driven if you want to get rid of the clunker. At JR’s Services, we make it possible for you to have a junk car removal company to take your clunker away without any issues. Getting money and eliminating the unattractive sight of a junk car on your property, are both great reasons to get rid of the junk vehicle on your property.

Junk Cars Not Only Look Bad in the Yard. Junk Cars are Bad for Your Yardjunk car buyers

Junk cars not only look bad in the yard, they are also hazardous to the environment. There are are certain toxic liquids, such as brake and radiator fluid, freon from the air conditioner and unused gas from the tank can leak out, and seep into the ground. This means that the land underneath those junk cars is suffering, but also those fluids can seep into the ground and into the water supply. Do your part for the environment and call our towing company to sell your junk car in Indianapolis before it causes environmental problems.

Indianapolis Cash for Junk Cars

At JR’s Service and Recovery, LLC, we will pay you cash for your junk car. We want to buy junk cars that are:

  • Non running
  • Crashed
  • Flooded
  • Burnt
  • Missing parts
  • Are broken down everyway in between

Give us a call, and be prepared to get an offer for the best deal for your junk car. Just provide a small bit of information about your car, and we’ll give you an offer to buy your junk car that you’ll want to accept. Just do a search online for  “buy my junk car near me“, we’ll be right there! 

junk car removal

Get Your Junk Car Removed Today

If you have an old junk car that needs to be removed, call an expert junk car removal company, JR’s Services and Recovery at 317-629-5646 for an Indianapolis towing company to come and remove your junk car as soon as possible!!