The warm, sunny weather of summer makes it an ideal time to go on a road trip with friends or family. But the warm weather can also take a toll on your vehicle, potentially derailing your plans. As with any complex engines, there are many possible reasons why your car won’t start. But the issue is when you need to find the best towing services near me, it makes it easier to get an affordable car tow done at the cheapest rates possible.

Car Starting Issues

There are a number of reasons that cars won’t start. Some of the major reasons that cars will not start in the summer include the following:

  • Bad starter
  • Failed battery
  • Broken ignition switch
  • Blocked fuel filter

The issue with most cars that cause the need for towing Indianapolis Indiana are wide in number, but ultimately, these few are the ones that we witness the most often.

Bad Starter

If your car cranks up but fails to switch on fully, you might have a broken starter. When you hear clicking noises as you turn the key, this means the starter, a small motor that gets the engine running, needs replacement or repair. Jump-starting can get your car moving, but the vehicle may stall in the middle of the road—get it repaired as soon as possible.

A Failed Battery

A failed battery occurs much more common in the summer than occurs in the winter because the hot weather in general causes most battery fluid to quickly evaporate. When a battery has fluid that quickly evaporates, the internal structure of the battery is damaged. To avoid the evaporation of battery fluid, make it a point to check all of your fluid levels on a regular basis, and top off all of the automobile fluid as needed. Clean the top part of your battery as well since dirt and grease can serve as conductors and cause the battery to drain.

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A Broken Ignition Switch

When your vehicle has difficulty starting even when your battery is charged. The reason that the car might not start is due to issues with your car ignition switch. The ignition switch transmits a signal to your engine. A broken ignition switch fails to send an electrical charge to start the vehicle. A professional is best suited to make this repair. What makes the repair complicated is because the ignition switch involves a connection to all of the anti-theft features of your car.

Blocked Fuel Filter

Even if your fuel tank is full, your car may not start. So, make it a point to have the fuel filter checked for any clogging or blockage that restricts gas flow. If your fuel filter appears to be grimy or blocked, replace it with a new filter. You can also do this every time you go for an oil change.