Oh no! You’ve run out of gas. Or you were in a car accident. Or possibly a blow out. No matter what, you will need to call a local tow truck to come help. First, take a deep breath. Then second, call the team at JR’s Towing Service at 317-629-5646. Every automobile owner should know what to do in this situation to make it as smooth and stress-free as possible. Below are several tips for getting ready for a tow truck.

Wait for the Tow Truck in Safety

If your vehicle needs attention on the highway, you need to drive to the shoulder, or an accident investigation site. Those stranded on a smaller road should pull off to a parking lot or another area outside of traffic. Stay in the car if it isn’t at risk of catching fire or exploding. The vehicle will offer better protection from passing cars and the elements than standing on the side of the road. Get in contact with a friend or family member and let them know where you are located, preferably as close to the nearest mile marker or exit, so if your phone battery dies, your last known whereabouts are known.

Do You Need a Tow Truck?

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Contact Your Auto Insurance Company

Call your car insurance company to learn whether they cover auto towing or roadside assistance. If you get in an accident that renders the vehicle inoperable, the insurance company might ask that you take photographs of the damage. Collect your insurance paperwork, including the vehicle registration and insurance card, as well as any roadside assistance program membership information that you may have available. Having these items in addition to your driver’s license handy will help because the tow truck driver will ask for the information.


Arrange a Ride While You Wait

You may want to have someone come pick you up and follow the vehicle to its destination. If this option to leave your car by itself is unavailable, you can usually ride with the tow truck to the mechanic shop. The decision is up to you, but you should decide before the towing service arrives.

Know Your Vehicles Final Destination

Some insurance companies require that an Indianapolis auto towing company transport an inoperable vehicle straight to an auto shop. Others are OK with bringing the car to another location—like a house—if you plan to address the issue at home. The latter option is best for smaller problems like a flat tire repair or filling the ride up with gas.