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Early Symptoms of Car Exhaust Problems

If your car has an exhaust system in it, you may want to make sure that you have a professional do a thorough check on it every six months or so. This will help keep your car running efficiently for as long as you own it, and will also make sure that the exhaust is properly maintained. Sometimes catching signs of car exhaust problems early enough may help you avoid expensive repairs down the road.

Toxic Fumes

When the exhaust system on your car fails to work as it should, that could be an indication that it’s not properly expelling the gases. The toxic gases that leak and enter into the vehicle will cause health related issues. The exhaust system works to redirect these gases out and away from your vehicle, while at the same time converting them to less dangerous emissions. If the exhaust system isn’t properly maintained, then your health could be at risk. This is why it’s important to perform periodic exhaust system maintenance and repair.


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Decline in Fuel Efficiency

If you begin noticing a significant loss in fuel efficiency it may be related to a vehicle exhaust problem. Many of the newer vehicles provide a record of fuel and mileage efficiency. Simply observing the fuel economy will help you detect early warning  signs. If you’re vehicle is losing fuel efficiency, it may be time to have a professional run a diagnostic on it.

Unusual Noises and Vibrations

If the exhaust system on your car is having major issues, it’s more than likely you will begin hearing usual noises and vibrations. Noises coming from the bottom of your vehicle can be a sign of serious exhaust system issues. If you hear noises coming from your exhaust system you will want to stop driving it and schedule for a mechanic to look at it right away. If you are driving and start to hear loud noises, pull over to a safe area and call an emergency tow company. They will be able to tow your vehicle to a mechanic shop nearby.

What Should I Do if I Have Exhaust Problems?

If you’re handy with mechanical issues and the exhaust system is broken, you can usually find parts at your local automotive store and you may be able fix the exhaust system yourself. However, If you need the help of a professional, then it a good idea to call up your local mechanic and have someone to do the repair for you. They’ll have the necessary experience with your particular make and model and address the issue immediately.

JR’s Services and Recovery

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